Mind Scrambler (John Ceepak, Book 5)

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Elizabeth, Chris does a wonderful job with the backstory in this one. Just enough information so new readers aren't left out of the loop. So glad Pegasus picked up this series! I loved the inside jokes. And, I'm sure you are wishing you could be in NYC. But, just think, in some ways you'll be all over the country! Just a treat to have another Ceepak book, isn't it Kay? I can't understand why Ceepak and Boyle haven't caught on with more people.

I just love that pairing. Thank you, Chris, and have a great release party tonight. Give a toast for Jen, OK? She's missing being there, tonight. Love Ceepak and Danny! I'm amazed that this is the 3rd publisher for this series, since I've only read good reviews of these books. I'd like to read this one just to see Jen's name in it! Great review!

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Oh, you're going to love Jen's role in this book, Kathy. I'm surprised it's the third publisher as well. There is nothing to say but good things about the series.

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I only recently discovered this series in audio format narrated by Jeff Woodman and because I am slowly eeking them out to prolong my enjoyment I am not up to this one yet am about to start Hell Hole. But I bought it as soon as it was released in audio format on Audible and will look forward to reading it in a while. Bernadette, I don't blame you one bit for wanting to save and savor the series.

I'm glad you're enjoying them! It's one of my favorite series.

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  • Mind Scrambler (John Ceepak Series #5) by Chris Grabenstein | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble®.

Post a Comment. Ceepak and Boyle are back, and better than ever! Chris Grabenstein hasn't had an easy time with his John Ceepak mysteries. He's now on this third publisher for this series.

But, the new publisher is lucky to have these outstanding books. But, Rolling Thunder brings them back to Sea Haven, and back to peak performance.

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And, "peak performance" is a phrase Danny Boyle would appreciate. Boyle, the narrator of this series, is a cop working with his partner, John Ceepak, in the summer resort community of Sea Haven. As the book opens, Ceepak and Boyle are on amusement park duty on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, opening day for the brand-new, all-wood roller coaster, Big Paddy's Rolling Thunder.

It starts off on a light note. Danny and Ceepak find themselves climbing the ride in order to perform CPR, a futile attempted rescue.

Mind Scrambler (John Ceepak Series #5)

But, a few too many people seem happy with Mrs. May the Force continue to be with you, Chris! So glad the series continues-delightful books from a delightful man. Very satisfying to score one for the good guys! I'm forever grateful to DorothyL readers for introducing me to Chris and his alter-egos Ceepak and Danny! I've gotten five haven't gotten six read, yet wonderful reads, but then there are the two Saint Chris books and the two Zack books and well as a Ceepak short story. So, keep 'em coming Chris and I'll keep reading.

I was there at the fantastic Mysterious Bookshop to hear Chris read from the phoenix-rising sixth in the series--and what a treat that was! I love how the mystery community--from reviewer to readers--pulled together and actually effected something in Big Publishing. This is a great story in and of itself. Chris deserves all the praise he gets for his Ceepak novels and his YA's. A funny man with a huge talent and heart. Chris wrote a new chapter into mystery history when he invented a protagonist as unique, honorable and fresh as Ceepak.

This detective has none of the hard boiled, boozing, bad boy attitude that has dominated the mystery scene for too long.


The stories are clever, the dialogue witty, and the flavor of New Jersey is as tasty as pork roll, egg, and cheese on a hard roll. No one else has ever made me laugh, reminisce and even cry, as well as Chris does in the Ceepak mysteries. I am eternally grateful to Pegasus, who had the foresight and intelligence, to save this treasure before it was gone. Chris, you are the reason I found new ways to love my home state, and to write about it.

Thank you!! Chris - Thanks so much for being a guest at Meanderings and Muses - I'm honored and tickled pink!!

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And thanks to you all for stopping by. Post a Comment. Author Webpage. He performed in the same Greenwich Village comedy troupe as Bruce Willis back in the early s. Pepper, and many others.