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Just my type: how fashion became all about the font. Published: 18 Oct Readers recommend Readers recommend playlist: your songs about religion.

Iron Maiden

Religion has inspired songwriters for generations — here a reader picks a playlist of favourites from your suggestions on the theme set last week. Published: 6 Oct The music that became known as NWOBHM was short lived, but it bequeathed rock an enduring legacy of hugely influential bands. Published: 7 Sep Iron Maiden flight: Bruce Dickinson lands first passenger jet in Djibouti.

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Singer relaunches Air Djibouti, 14 years after it shut down operations, flying Boeing from Wales to nation on Horn of Africa. Published: 12 Aug Brief letters Beard power goes up in smoke.

Published: 21 Jul Iron Maiden forced to alter their show to play in China. Metal legends changed lyrics and dropped stage props during their performances in Beijing and Shanghai.

Published: 29 Apr Cover girls: the Ramonas, Iron Maidens and the rise of the female tribute band. With their working methods refreshed, attention turned to the album itself. What was more potentially problematic was how the songwriting credits were going to be divided up, but any fears that the newly convened Maiden line-up would end up bickering were soon dispelled.

Maybe due to simply maturing as people or because this was too good an opportunity to fuck up with ego battles, Iron Maiden were a firmly united front. We were reading off the same script.

Iron Maiden’s Steve Harris Unpacks the Legacy of the Beast

But they needed to have that one solid anchor and that was Steve. With their bass-playing general guiding the ship, Maiden duly conjured some of the strongest songs of their career. Listening back to Brave New World nearly 20 years on, you can hear the excitement in the air as Maiden bashed anthems and epics out in the Paris shadows. Armed with both short, sharp singalongs such as explosive opener The Wicker Man and the rampaging The Mercenary , plus towering, elaborate epics like The Nomad , the Maiden sound was receiving a subtle but significant upgrade.

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I tried to introduce new elements, like the orchestra in Blood Brothers , to give things a very grand feel. It would be irresponsible to fuck with it, for one thing, and why would you want to? Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson thinks 'we're only a heartbeat away from Auschwitz'. Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson disagrees with stereotype that says heavy metal is a 'working class genre'.

Iron Maiden - Hallowed Be Thy Name (Studio Version)

Bruce Dickinson dismisses notorious feud with The Osbournes as "storm in a teacup". Bruce Dickinson opens up on battling cancer and the future of Iron Maiden. Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris wants to turn his home into a hotel.

Iron Maiden respond to rumours they could retire after current tour. Kidnapping suspect arrested during Iron Maiden gig after his friend posts ticket details on Facebook.