How to Identify Hot Niche Markets in Books: The Holy Grail of Bookselling?

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What are the best ways for an author to help with marketing a book?

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Every author should have five basic social media accounts to maximize their visibility:. A Facebook personal profile in their real name, with a photo. A Twitter Account. Twitter is the amplification tool. A YouTube Account. YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google.

Authors should create short video talks about their books and post them to their own YouTube channel, making sure the title of the video includes keywords that would attract the ideal reader. Upload the videos to YouTube and share the links to Facebook and Twitter for added digital clout. A blog. I encourage every author to have a blog and to post 2 times per week with each post containing words. Stephanie Chandler: I am a big advocate of blogging. This will help attract traffic from Google and give you a way to connect with your audience via comments.

Next, share each blog post with your social media networks. This will bring visitors back to your site. Commit to engaging in social media daily. Also, look for groups on Facebook or LinkedIn that reach your target? Or, better yet, start your own group and gain? Finally, look for websites that reach your target?

How to get published – 6 steps to a traditional publishing deal

Marketing online is all about consistent action, sharing content, and? What are the skills of a really good marketing consultant? Cindy Ratzlaff: A marketing consultant should understand the entire publishing process, the traditional promotional seasons of retail bookselling, current distribution models, and both traditional and online advertising options.

Stephanie Chandler: A great marketing consultant should give you plenty of ideas for locating and connecting with your target audience. And by the way, not? Your marketing consultant should give you? Has your role changed with the upheavals in publishing? If so, how? Cindy Ratzlaff: My role has definitely changed. It used to be that one or two big national hits were a guarantee of bestsellerdom. In the non-fiction genre, the national network programs are using fewer authors than ever before, bringing their own experts into long term contractual relationships and leaving fewer spots for authors.

In marketing, the big advertising campaign in say, the New York Times Book Review, is now reserved for the rare book. The average Facebook user has friends. If an author has 10, fans with friends each, you can see how quickly potential influence can spread. Consumers need many more touch points with the author and his or her message before making a decision to purchase the book.

My Authority Publishing company specializes in custom publishing and content marketing. We consult with the authors individually, reviewing strategies and customizing the best plan for their unique content and goals, including internet marketing, search engine optimization, blogging, promotion on Amazon, internet media outreach, articles, public speaking and more.

how to identify hot niche markets in books the holy grail of bookselling Manual

Adrienne Biggs: Yes, very much so. I rarely stuff envelopes with printed galleys anymore. These days I spend most of my time creating, managing, and administering online social networks FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, WhoSay etc and a smaller part of my efforts on traditional media outlets which have shrunk and sometimes disappeared over the past few years. Do you generally work for the author or the publisher, and how? Cindy Ratzlaff: I most often work for the publisher on behalf of a single author or group of authors.

I create a marketing plan, a calendar and recommended messaging and then I model the art of social media brand building to the authors and teach them how to continue to build their tribe. If the author is not involved personally, lending his voice and personality to social media, the desired effect will not be achieved. The whole point of social media is to shorten the distance between the passionate reader and the passionate writer. Social media marketing is the new book tour or bookstore reading.

The author is the magic. I do work directly with authors if I feel the author is highly motivated to learn the strategies I teach and willing to work alongside me so that they can eventually take total control of their own social marketing. Stephanie Chandler: Since Authority Publishing is an active publisher, I generally work with authors directly on customized marketing plans. Adrienne Biggs: When I started my own marketing agency in , I was typically hired by the publisher.

These days, budgets are tighter and publishers may hire an outside publicist for only one part of the campaign, like creating a Facebook presence, or doing radio in one market, or targeting a certain kind of media outlet. What are the newest trends in book marketing? Another hot trend is Twitter parties at a pre-determined hour in which fans and the author gather for a live chat using a hashtag to help people follow the conversation. Stephanie Chandler: Pinterest is the big buzz right now. This is a social network for sharing images — pictures, graphics, clipart, etc.

Do you work with self-published authors and if so, are there any? Cindy Ratzlaff: I offer webinars, video courses and how-to blog posts to help self-published authors find the tools, tactics and strategies they need to be their own marketing and publicity people. The self-published author is often more willing to work on their platform than traditionally published authors who still operate under the illusion that the publishing house will take care of everything.

Stephanie Chandler: Yes, I do work with self-publishing authors through my company Authority Publishing. I tell my clients that any author who cuts corners and skip essentials like editing and professional cover design will not be as successful as those who take the necessary steps to make their books as professional as possible. What if something happens while presenting? What kind of visit will you do and for how many kids? What ages? How do you get visit invitations? What should you include in your visit packet? Did you miss the amazing Picture Book Summit? Sign up to find out about our upcoming events at www.

This week we're talking about what to do after a conference What should you do right after you get home? What do you do with all the "stuff" you've collected at the conference?

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    Don't miss it - www. This week's guest is Julie Hedlund! What is a Master Mind group and how ours got started. Advantages of going to an online event vs. What happens if you miss one of our online sessions. The agents and editors we interviewed for Picture Book Summit. The landscape of publishing in the 21st century. How many spots are left in Picture Book Summit. How to give us feedback on Picture Book Summit at www. Our amazing project manager Kristin Ammerman. The PJ party! How do I start my platform when I'm not photogenic and I write under a pseudonym?

    I'm afraid of not having time to keep up with everything. It's hard to start when I put everyone else's needs before my own. Plus, a shout-out to my newest listener, Jackie! This week's guest is Laura Backes! Register at www. How she became an editor. What it's like to write a rejection letter. Why she prefers being an editor to being an agent.

    How to not be a "hack" in your writing. Innate talent vs.

    Developed talent. Why age is an advantage in your writing. What's the deal with word picture books? How picture book readers are more sophisticated today than in the past. The best way to write a great book.

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    Thanks, everyone, who signed up for my free training for Get Your First 1, Followers! Tune in to hear the answer to these burning writer questions and fears: How do I sustain a website? What do I have to offer on an on-going basis? Where will I find the time to write AND sustain a platform in addition to my full time job? Given my easily distracted life, what if my writing is actually crappy? My biggest fear is my books will never find their readers. I am terrified of social media. Not sure how to get started with your marketing?

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    What you need to do, from a survivor? What lessons he learned from the Miracle on the Hudson? How do you take a potentially tragic experience and turn it into an opportunity to survive and thrive? What is PTSG? How does it differ from PTSD? The new Miracle on the Hudson documentary produced and directed by Rick Ortiz coming out in January What are the 12 Pillars of Resourcefulness?

    Price goes up on August 16th. This week's guest is Lisa Schroeder! The trick to stop worrying and stop feeling guilty! When you should write in verse and when to skip it. Lisa Schroeder on Instagram she uses the Word swag app.

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    Tune in to hear the answer to these burning writer questions: What are Twitter lists and what can I use them for? There are SO many things to do — build a website, start an email list, be active on social media. What should I do? If you could do this again from scratch What is the best way to market your book when you are on a shoestring budget? As someone who doesn't crave the spotlight, I wonder how to get over that dislike of the limelight and peddling my own wares. Are there effective ways for wallflowers to promote their books too?

    Resources mentioned in this episode Twitter lists explained How to use Twitter lists Forbes article on multi-tasking Ideas for your Twitter lists:-Directory of media contacts -Going to a conference? Picture Book Summit? Make a list! This week's guest is Dave Chesson! Thinking of Google as the only search engine. HINT: Don't! How to find your best keywords. When should you do your keyword research.

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    Dave's in-depth article on finding keywords. Read it HERE. How to dovetail your current ebooks into sales of future books. His awesome widget, below. You can embed it on your own site by doing a search for "Kindle" in plugins in your Wordpress site. Just for my peeps! Do you have questions for them? Early Bird registration is going on now. Reserve your spot at this online event to hear our fabulous keynote speakers, Peter Brown, Andrea Pinkney, and Mac Barnett. Plus, we'll have sessions with agents and editors. What should I do to focus my marketing on social media to attract readers in my genre?

    What is one tip you would give to someone just starting out? AnnouncementsListener Exclusive! Get Your First Followers in my new live class coming this Fall. Good thru July 31st. Come get your questions answered! The Early Bird registration is now open. Check out the video below and then go HERE for all the details. You don't want to miss this! Natalie and I talk aboutMy childhood. Why I like to help people.