Guide to Geology of the Cascade Range: Portland, Oregon to Seattle, Washington

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In Washington and British Columbia, travel in the late autumn, winter, or early spring involves careful attention to weather predictions, a well equipped vehicle, emergency preparedness, and staying overnight in motels because of the snow, ice, cold and bad weather. If you click on nearly all of the underlined book Title links, you will be taken to Amazon. Again, I write about our short travel adventures in my Cloud Hands Blog.

There are many websites on the Internet with good information about hiking, day hikes, walking adventures, backpacking, wilderness survival, environmental concerns, natural history, hiking supplies and gear, and how to condition yourself for hiking adventures. Best wishes to all automobile adventurers, weekend travelers, wanderers, nature lovers, and sightseers for your recreational adventures in Be safe, responsible, aware, and ready for adventures.

From Mike Garofalo, February I write about these short travel adventures in my Cloud Hands Blog. Maps for Washington State. An Explorer's Guide: Washington. By Denise Fainberg. Index, pages. ISBN: Beacon Rock State Park. Columbia River Gorge. Campground, yurts, lake fishing, hiking. Nearby Moulton Falls is popular. Bridge of the Gods - Ancient Avalanche.

Cascade Locks area of the Columbia River. The sons quarreled over the land and to solve the dispute, their father shot two arrows from his mighty bow; one to the north and the other to the south. Pahto followed the arrow to the north and settled there while Wy'east did the same for the arrow to the south.

Dana’s Super Awesome Mount Saint Helens Field Trip Guide 1: Hoffstadt or Bust

Saghalie then built Tanmahawis, the Bridge of the Gods, so his family could meet periodically. When the two sons of Saghalie both fell in love with a beautiful maiden named Loowit, she could not choose between them. The two young chiefs fought over her, burying villages and forests in the process. For punishment, Saghalie struck down each of the lovers and transformed them into great mountains where they fell. Bridge of the Gods. I've camped at the state park before, and stayed at a motel and cabin in Seaside. We attended the kite festival in Seaside in August of I once went to the emergency hospital in Ilwaco in By David J.

Jepsen and David J. Near the town of La Push. Clark County , City of Vancouver , Washington. Local travel for us. We live in the unincorporated northeast area of Vancouver, the Orchards area. Fort Vancouver was established in Washington became a State in By Laura O. Towns to Trails Media, Hikes in Clark County are covered on pages Columbia Gorge Interpretative Center Museum. Near Bridge of the Gods and Skamania Lodge. Columbia River Gorge Association. The Dalles , Oregon. Photography by Peter Marbach. Text by Janet Cook. The Complete Hiker, Revised and Expanded.

The Dalles Dam was built on the Columbia River in Fort Dalles military outpost from This particular area was a major Native American trading center for at least 10, years; and also near the traditional Celilo Falls fishing site. Population: 13, Day Hiking Columbia River Gorge. By Craig Romano. Seattle, Washington, The Mountaineers Books, Day Hiking, South Cascades: Mt. Helens, Mt. Adams, and the Columbia Gorge. By Dan A. Day Hiking Series. Day Hiking in California, Oregon and Washington.

A hypertext notebook by Mike Garofalo. Place and Spirituality. Wee Folk , Devas, and Nature Spirits. By Cal Von Essen, M. Rochester, Vermont, Bear and Co. Index, bibliography, pages. By Ruth Kirk and Carmela Alexander. Index, Reading List, pages. An excellent travel guide for automobile travelers in Washington.

Fishing the Rivers and Lakes of Washington. Flyfisher's Guide to Washington. By Greg Thomas. Wilderness Adventures Press, Adams Ranger District. Seattle, Washington, Northwest Interpretive Association. Berkeley, California, Ulysses Press, 5th Edition, By Russ Schneider. Revised by Jim Yuskavitch. Hiking Washington's Mount Adams Country.

By Fred Barstad. Helena, Montana, Falcon Books, Population: 7, The Abridgment of the Definitive Nebraska Edition. Edited with an introduction by Gary E. Lincoln, University of Nebraska Press, By Allan and Elizabeth May. Atlanta, Georgia, Longstreet Press, Maryhill Museum. Maryhill State Park. Moon Olympic Peninsula. By Jeff Burlingame. A Moon Handbook. Avalon Travel Pub. Alfred A.

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Knopf, , Olympic National Park and Peninsula. By Nicky Leach.

Road Trip: Oregon Cascades - National Geographic

A photographic collection. Olympic Peninsula: A Timeless Refuge. Mariposa, CA, Sierra Press, The Olympic Peninsula. By Ericka Chickowski. Moon Spotlight Books. Avalon Travel, By Carlos Arnaldo Schwantes. Revised and enlarged edition, Lincoln, Nebraska, University of Nebraska Press, , Professor Schwantes, Ph. By Mike Church and Terri Church.

Rolling Homes Press, 3rd Edition, The Pacific Northwest Garden Tour. By Donald Olson. The 60 best gardens to visit in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. Portland, Oregon, Timber Press, Parks and Places we have visited near our home in Vancouver, Washington:. A nice circular path takes about 25 minutes of walking to complete. Oxbow Regional Park , Multnomah County.

Three Sisters (Oregon) - Wikipedia

Camping, fishing, hiking by the Sandy River. Portland Japanese Garden , Multnomah County. Near the Ailani Casino. Located along the Lewis River.

Interstate 5 nearby makes noise. Camping, hiking, swimming, fishing. By Greg Vaughan. Vancouver Public Library. Quick Escapes: Pacific Northwest. By Marilyn McFarlane. Ridgefield , Washington. Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge. Baraka Books, Travel Checklist. Here is my Ford Explorer travel gear and camping gear and hiking gear Checklist from February Excel format. By Bill Gulick. Caldwell, Idaho, Caxton Press, By Stephen E. Simon and Schuster, Touchstone, Paperbound book.

Walking - Bibliography. Research by Mike Garofalo. Text by Ruth Kirk. Oversized table book. By Tony Huegel. Berkeley, California, Wilderness Press, From the Vancouver Public Library. Washington Lake Maps and Fishing Guide. By Bill McMillan.

Edited and illustrated by Esther Appel. Frank Amato Publications, Washington, Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. Lonely Planet Series. Lonely Planet Press, Indexes, pages. Seattle, Washington, Mountaineers Books, Washington River Maps and Fishing Guide. By Doug Rose. Excellent resource for river trips and fishing. Washington's Best Fishing Waters. Wilderness Adventures Press, 2nd Edition, Washington Wild Roads.

By Seabury Blair Jr. Seattle, Washington, Sasquatch Books, Washougal, Washington. Waterfront Park. Captain William Clark Park. Steigerwald Lake National Wildlife Refuge. Water Falls. White Salmon , Washington, Columbia Gorge. Across from Hood River. Population: 2, The Wild Cascades, Forgotten Parkland.

By Harvey Manning. San Francisco, California, Sierra Club, By Michael C. Houck and M. Woodland , Washington. Lewis River dams and reservoirs east of Woodland. Hulda Klager's Lilac Gardens. Views Washington. A Collection of Photographs by Chris Jacobson.

Expertise. Insights. Illumination.

Emeral Point Press, Yakima, Washington. We purchased a home in Vancouver, Washington, in June of In June of we enjoyed at trip to northern Washington. Day 1: Vancouver to Bellingham via Interstate 5 and Good views of Mt. Home library collection of Mike and Karen. I have always enjoyed reading and using maps since I was a child.

I used many maps in books at this library. I went to St. Fetterly from I used many maps from these libraries in my youth, and my brother Paul and I owned many maps. When I travel in my Ford Explorer, I always carry a variety of paper maps, guides, books, and pamphlets. I keep a Discover Pass and other passes, licenses, and official documentation ready on hand in the Explorer as I travel. I carry various good magnifying glasses, and use one to read maps.

A lamp and flashlight for safety, and for map and book reading at night or dim light conditions are essential. A notebook with writing tools is also carried.

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Here is my travel and camping Checklist. I now use the following maps and travel guides for the State of Washington:. Clark County, Washington. Vancouver, B. I have one copy for home use, and I keep another copy in the Ford.

Dana’s Super Awesome Mount Saint Helens Field Trip Guide 1: Hoffstadt or Bust

This is an excellent map for the County in which we now live. An essential tool. A traditional folding map. Good detail on backcountry roads. Washington: DeLorme Atlas and Gazetter. Detailed topographic maps, back roads, recreation sites, GPS Grids. ISBN: X. An oversized map book. I keep this map in my Ford Explorer. An essential tool for travelers.

Very convenient to use. Maps I Use. By Mike Garofalo. Mount St. National Geographic. Trails Illustrated Topographic Map. Easy to read oversized print. Some city maps. Washington State Map by G. Johnson Publishers. Includes maps of many cities. Updated on a regular basis.

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Tour Book Guide Washington. They offer many detailed maps of areas and cities in the State of Washington. Very useful travel guides and trip planning services are also available to AAA members. I use dozens of their maps and guides. I use two electronic navigation devices. First, I use my Samsung Galaxy 7 cell phone.

A variety of cell phone applications can help with navigation, orienting, mapping, travel routes, travel guides, information, emergencies, communications, phone, text, email, etc. The Garmin GPS is a full featured GPS device and equipped with applications for navigation, orienting, mapping, routes, directions, travel records, geocaching, specialized maps, games, survival, hiking, etc. Here are three books I use on the subject of GPS, navigation and maps:. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Geocaching. Editors and staff on Geocaching. Alpha Press, 3rd Edition, By Bob Burns and Mike Burns.

Seattle, Washington, Mountaineers Books, 3rd Edition, Using GPS. By Bruce Gibbs. Falcon Guides, 3rd Edition, Basic Illustrated Series. We traveled extensively in Oregon from Beverly Beach State Park. About 10 miles north to Depoe Bay and 10 miles south to Newport. The campground is off the beach in a little canyon with a stream. We have camped once at this park in a yurt, and visited 3 times. The park is on a sand spit between Netarts Bay and the Pacific Ocean. Cove Palisades State Park Oregon. Near Madras, Oregon. Camden, Maine, Ragged Mountain Press, Practical tips and useful advice.

By Michael Lanza. Seattle, The Mountaineers Books, Mountaineers Books, Day Hiking in Oregon, California, and Washington. Day Hiking the South Cascades: Mt. Desert Hiking. By Dave Ganci. Corvallis, Oregon State University Press, Index, resources lists, pages. Fort Clatsop near Astoria, Oregon.

The Lewis and Clark expedition camped here in the winter of Grant's Getaways: Oregon Adventures. By Grant McOmie. Portland, Oregon, WestWinds Press, Insider's Guide to Portland, Oregon. By Rachel Dresbeck. There is a edition. Including the Metro Area and Vancouver, Washington. Kissing the Trail. By John Zilly. Seattle, Washington, Adventure Press, Lake Billy Chinook , Eastern Oregon.

Lincoln City, Oregon. Route 20 from Salem to Lincoln City is mostly fast, flat, and open. There are two Indian Casinos in the area. Lovely sandy beach for seven miles. By William L. Navillus Press, 3rd Edition, Hood: Portrait of a Place. By Peter Marbach. Graphic Arts Books, Oregon Beaches: A Traveler's Companion. By John Shewey.

By Lauren Himiak. Yet, Mount Rainier National Park has much more to offer on its own or part of a road trip. Visitors can stroll through fields of wildflowers, examine trees over 1, years old, or listen to cracking glaciers. Ninety-seven percent of the park is preserved as wilderness under the National Wilderness Preservation System and the park was designated a National Historic Landmark on February 18, In , just over 1, people visited the park. Just nine years later, that number rose to 34, people.

Today, about 2 million people a year visit the park! The park is open year-round, but the time of year you choose may depend on what activities you are looking for. If you want to admire the wildflowers, plan a visit for July or August when flowers are at their peak. Cross country skiiing and snowshowing are available in the winter. And if you want avoid the crowds during summer or winter, plan a visit in the middle of the week. Always check for weather conditions before you head up, as even if the weather is sunny in the cities, there may be clouds around the mountain preventing you from seeing much of it.

Likewise, snowy conditions can cause road closures and snow can happen on the mountain during fall, winter and spring. For those flying into the area, the closest airports are in Seattle, Washington, and Portland, Oregon. From Seattle, the park is 95 miles away, and 70 miles from Tacoma.

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From Yakima, take Highway 12 west to Highway or Highway , and enter the park on the east side. There is an entrance fee for the park, which is good for seven consecutive days. If you plan on visiting the park more than once this year, consider getting the Mount Rainier Annual Pass. Mount Rainier National Park offers excellent opportunities for scenic drives, hiking, camping and mountain climbing. Depending on what time of year you visit, you can also choose from other activities like wildflower viewing, fishing, skiing, snowmobiling and snowboarding.

Before you head out, be sure to check out the ranger-led programs available. Topics vary from day to day, and may include geology, wildlife, ecology, mountaineering or park history. Most programs are available from late-June until Labor Day. Details and short descriptions of some evening programs are available on the official NPS site. Special Junior Ranger programs are also offered throughout the park on summer weekends daily at Paradise in summer. A Junior Ranger Activity Book is available year-round.