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Close What are red words? Close Thesaurus. For me, the biggest mystery of the book was why Iris would put up with Pat's crap. She saw him beat the dog shit out of some guy and he and some of his ex-marine pals got tanked and trashed her place. Besides Pat and Ted, I found the rest of the Norris family interesting, even when I didn't agree with them.

The final scene of the book was my favorite part and I was worried a specific character wouldn't survive. I was pleased at how it turned out. Final random thought: Avocado farming seems like a hard life. Did you know it takes years and years for an avocado tree to bear fruit?

Three out of five stars. I think one of T-Jeff's Charlie Hood books would have been a better choice to bust my cherry with. View all 16 comments. Oct 14, TL rated it it was ok Shelves: goodreads-giveaways. Received this via GoodReads FirstReads in exchange for an honest review. I tried, I really did but I can't. It's not a bad novel, just couldn't sink into the story. Maybe I wasn't the right audience for it? I think it's another case of 'It's not the book, it's me'. A departure from the Charlie Hood series.

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A story about 2 brothers and the demons they fight. Sep 10, Pamela rated it really liked it Shelves: autographed , california , san-diego-county , culture , suspense-and-or-thriller , war , politics , grief , own , contemporary. They carried anger, distrust, boredom, frustration. They bore flashbacks and sleepless nights and fits of temper. They wondered why their countrymen knew so little about what they had done.

They wondered why the civilians used their freedom to spend hours at the malls or in front of televisions. They wondered why it was all up to them, why the war felt like some bizarre excursion that only they were asked to take. One particular scene mid-book was so devastatingly raw and heartbreaking I put the book down and sobbed. And the avocado farming tragedies, both natural and otherwise, cut empathetically to the core. There are feel-good moments, and passionate moments.

And too, there are touches of humor throughout, and warm characters, beautiful settings, fishing, and scenes of bravado and endearing camaraderie, hometown pride, and an undercurrent of love and hopefulness. But was this notion of a book of life any better than the idea of one big game of chance? And if so, how? Character is the only true measure of success, and the truest measure of a man. In which T. Count me as one of his drama-noir realistic fiction fans. Aside from a few typos and room for transitional growth, a full-measure four star read.

View all 11 comments. Jun 09, Karen rated it it was ok Shelves: firstreads-win. I received this novel for free from Goodreads First Reads. I enjoyed the storyline of this book: One brother returning home from Afghanistan while another brother is battling his inside demons. This made the first half of the book hard to read, and I almost gave up on it several times. Without going into detail I felt that the book was overly political, stereotypical and biased. Long convers I received this novel for free from Goodreads First Reads. Long conversations centered around finances, government, illegals, guns and war.

From the beginning the book was predictable. I did enjoy the writing, which flowed smoothly, and the storyline. I wish the book would have delved deeper into the characters because they seemed very shallow and unemotional. Sep 30, Jim A rated it really liked it. A little bit different from what I'm used to reading from Parker. And it was a great change from Parker's Charlie Hood series, which I thought he took a couple of books too far. Parker fans will like the way he switched gears with this story. View 1 comment. Jun 08, Kelley rated it really liked it Shelves: goodreads-giveaways.

ARC received courtesy of Goodreads. Patrick Norris has just returned from a tour of duty in Afghanistan. He comes back to the family avocado farm that has been devastated by a wild fire. His father wants him to take over the farm once it gets back on solid footing but Patrick dreams of being the captain of his own fishing boat. Patrick's brother, Ted, is a very strange man who is beset by feet problems.

The only way he feels comfortable in life is to "watch" life through some kind of glass like a video game. Intertwined in the family's story are the stories of several other residents of the town. The reader is treated to Parker's distinct voice as he describes the setting and characters. We know that more destruction is coming, but we don't know what that destruction will be until the very end of the book. Because I received this book as a giveaway, I was treated to a letter from T. Jefferson Parker describing his career and his inspirations for his books. I was so interested in learning about his motivations and inspirations for his writing.

What a pleasure and an honor to be treated to an author's thoughts about a book that one is holding! Nov 05, Dan Downing rated it it was amazing. Over the last few decades T. He has the sales and awards to prove it and a background which grants him street cred. This time out he has swerved onto a different road. He is still exploring the American psyche, the American infra-structure of people, the events we tsk-tsk about over our morning coffee or while digesting our dinners in front to the TV. Here, in "Full Measure", we have a pared down portrait in a literary novel wh Over the last few decades T.

Here, in "Full Measure", we have a pared down portrait in a literary novel which lacks the deadly boring prose and obfuscation which so gratifies Academia. We journey with real people down a tough and dangerous road with tragedies remembered, witnessed and overcome. Set in Southern California's avocado country, in a small town, centered on a soldier returned from Afghanistana simple Marine, not a super man or someone bedecked with medalswe are swept into a life of adjustment, into a family struggling to save its dream, into a town trying to make itself a good place to live.

This is a human story, grandly told. Highly recommended. Sep 10, Glenda L rated it liked it Shelves: first-reads. This was a First Reads win for me. I'm glad I won it because I would not have read it otherwise. This wouldn't have been a book pick for me, but I liked it and read the whole thing. Jefferson Parker definitely reminded me of John Steinbeck's writing. This is about two brothers Both have serious problems and are trying to overcome them. They are having to This was a First Reads win for me.

They are having to deal with their family and mostly themselves. I would like to give this 3. I felt there was too much realism in the book for me Oct 10, DP Lyle rated it it was amazing. The result is this wonderful book. Want to know what a character-driven story feels like?

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Characters that will linger with you for a long time. Sep 08, Jennifer rated it liked it Shelves: literary , fiction. Jefferson Parker was a well-written and timely book, and while I enjoyed reading about two the two brothers, Patrick and Ted and Norris, I expected so much more from this rather promising book, possibly too much. Jefferson Parker is an excellent writer and I suggest reading other reviews before deciding if this book is right for you. View 2 comments. May 27, Mary rated it liked it. Not his usual fare, but character's came to life, and I needed to know what came next.

Jan 03, Gail Strickland rated it really liked it. Not the usual Parker story, but a wonderful departure from his usual. Nov 09, Cheryl Simmons rated it really liked it. This book was different than other books I have read by this author in that it was not about the police trying to solve a crime, but about a family dealing with crises. Even though I cringed at some of the decisions made by the characters, their actions always were believable.

Aug 07, Chuck Herrera rated it it was amazing. Another terrific story by T. I must enjoy his stories, this was my 14th story read by the writer! Oct 11, Lindsey Silvestrini rated it really liked it. There is a depth to Full Measure that is hard to put into words. Parker has a powerful way of capturing the emotion of a former soldier who has seen too much and will never be the same man. Many men return from war broken, scarred and haunted by memories for a lifetime.

Patrick isn't any different except that he comes home to as many problems as he left in Afghanistan; just different ones. Coming home should be a magical thing for a soldier but when all the comforts of home have disappeared it ca There is a depth to Full Measure that is hard to put into words. Coming home should be a magical thing for a soldier but when all the comforts of home have disappeared it can leave a man lost and confused. Patrick returns home to find his families farm burned down and his their financial future in limbo.

This story takes place in Fallbrook, California, a place I have been a few times so I felt a deep connection to it. I was able to relate to the local references which always makes me feel more a part of the story and more invested in its outcome. It seems Patrick's luck has gone from bad to worse and he is dealing with his own PTSD, the drama of a troubled brother and working to secure his families future. It's a lot for anyone to handle and he experiences the full gamete of emotions.

It's not all bad news though as a potential new romance enters the picture and there is always the promise of new beginnings. Snyder Jay brings Parker's story to life beautifully and is a reader that I hope to hear from again soon. They really do make or break the audio books. It got a bit slow for me at times and seemed to go off on random tangents but he always brought it back.

Full Measure is a story full of sadness and hope, heartbreak and joy. You will experience a full range of emotions while reading or listening to it. Nov 24, Nick rated it really liked it Shelves: mainstream-fiction , noir-fiction. An excellent book with an oddly misleading cover summary. Just ignore the inside cover text and read the book. This book is unlike most of Parker's fiction, in that it is not exactly a crime novel, although there are several crimes involved.

It is not exactly a mystery, even though there are two deadly mysteries which wander through the threads of the story. Patrick has just come home from Afghanistan, and the book tries to convey some of the horror of that setting. A thing as simple as finding i An excellent book with an oddly misleading cover summary. A thing as simple as finding it hard to relax, when you've spent the last year hyper-vigilant in combat, is a telling point that most people may never have considered.

Making it worse, he has come home to a family crisis, as wildfires have burned part of the family avocado farm and put the whole family at risk of financial ruin. The author never uses the term, but Patrick's brother Ted acts like he's high-functioning autistic, with his mechanical responses to situations and his oddly dystunctional interactions with other human beings.

Ted is physically and emotionally damaged, and the crisis has only made things worse. As Patrick tries to find a place to recover and find his place in the world, more things keep getting in the way, from financial disasters to the behavior of his Marine buddies. The town itself is in crises of its own, both financial and social, and things build toward both literal and figurative storms.

See a Problem?

Both human nature and physical nature can leave a lot of wreckage behind. This is a powerful story, but not always a happy one. Oct 22, Debbi rated it liked it. I enjoyed this book. A good story about family relationships, and how events in our lives affect us and those we love. But he is shocked to learn that the avocado ranch his family has owned for generations i I enjoyed this book. Patrick puts his own plans on hold to save the family's home and falls in love with Iris, a beautiful and unusual woman, when disaster strikes. When Ted's plan for redemption goes terribly wrong, he tries to disappear.

Oct 07, Gloria Feit rated it liked it. Jefferson Parker is a top mystery writer, but, in this narrative, chose to write a story about the trials and tribulations of returning veterans from Afghanistan. Given recent news stories about the problems at the Veterans Administration, it is a topic certainly worthy of being told and retold many times.

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However, he has plotted a different course: A story about two brothers and their relationship with their parents, who are trying to salvage an avocado farm that has been devastated by a mas T. However, he has plotted a different course: A story about two brothers and their relationship with their parents, who are trying to salvage an avocado farm that has been devastated by a massive fire that has destroyed much of the California town in which they live and work. Patrick Norris served in a Marine group that suffered the worst casualties of the long Asian war.

When he returned home, he dreamed of buying a boat and running a fishing charter service from San Diego Bay. Instead, he has to help his father resurrect the avocado farm. Instead, we have what amounts to a love story interspersed with the hardship of farming as a way of life, a possibly dysfunctional family situation, and occasionally an exhibition of violence or PTSD. Given the high bar set by this author in past novels, I must admit that I found this one disappointing. Feb 13, Chris rated it really liked it Shelves: mystery-california. This book is due out in September, A Marine, Patrick, returns home to Fallbrook, CA where Parker now lives after a tough deployment in Afghanistan to find his family home almost in ruins-the avocado groves were destroyed by fire.

His home still stands thanks to his older brother, Ted, who is a bit of a screw-up.

This is more a book about brothers than a book about transition from war to peace. Parker does a good job of painting the canvas about service and camaraderie in the Marines. It This book is due out in September, It has a few minor errors in Marine-speak. I like how Patrick is a strong guy who takes charge and is not portrayed as a helpless victim with PTSD. Yes, he has issues with loud noises and gets into a fight or two but he is a selfless guy who is always trying to do right. He's at a decision point in his life.

Should he stay in the Marines or go after his dream of buying a boat and taking fishermen out off Point Loma. But then he has to stop everything and help his dad with the avocado farm.

The Last Full Measure

They are in danger of losing it. Plus his brother Ted must be bi-polar and is always making wrong decisions and getting into the wrong crowd.