Dear Hound

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Charlie will never give up on Alfie, even when it looks as though the dog is never going to be found. And Alfie never gives up on wanting to get home again either.

Dear hound

He makes friends with a couple of foxes who teach him the basics of survival and whilst some of what happens might seem a little twee to those who're not fond of human thoughts and actions being attributed to animals it's going to be spot on for most of the target age group. The main human character is a boy, but I suspect that the book will appeal equally to girls.

Dear hound

It's Jill Murphy so you know that you're going to get a great, well-written story. You know that you're not going to have to worry that there might be something in there that's not suitable for a child.

Book review: Dear Hound

It's a sensitive subject — losing an animal which has become a member of the family — and Jill Murphy handles it with all her usual aplomb. If you haven't read The Worst Witch books then you really should. For more on the subject of losing a beloved animal we can recommend Michael Morpurgo's reworking of the Black Beauty story. Just send us an email and we'll put the best up on the site.

I loved this book soooo much, Jill murphy defiantly did an amazing job writing this!!! This book is for anyone who likes an animal or a sad book.

This book is very sad and will defiantly leave you in tears without doubt, it will also leave u at the edge of your seat wanting to read on!!! See all reviews. All people who want to read this. All people who have read this.

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Scholastic Book Club In the wrong place? Join for FREE today! Get your own page, enter giveaways, write reviews and more! Search Search:. Meanwhile, Charlie doesn't know what to do - but one thing is for sure: he'll never stop looking for his dear hound.

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Can Alfie ever find his way back to Charlie - and his great big squashy beanbag in the kitchen? This book is about a dog, Alfie. His owner, Charlie leaves a Alfie.

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Alfie escapes and runs away from the dog care center. Alfie left because he is upset and misses Charlie.

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