Asia, case studies in the social sciences: a guide for teaching

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The learning environment is stimulating and it is above my expectations. The knowledge gained from theories, methodologies and research had sharpened my method and approach in problem-solving in areas of human resource management in the business context. My AeU experience was enriching, eye-opening, self-discovering, humbling, and fun.

I invite others to enjoy this. I would not hesitate to recommend others for a lifelong learning at AeU. It had enabled me to achieve my dream and mission, which is to assist the young and inspiring entrepreneurs to be successful in their business ventures. Such interactions offered more than what I know of traditional on-campus programme. The programme encourages creativity, analytical and critical thinking, while at the same time helping candidates to further develop their strategic knowledge, problem solving and business skills. Other more important features that attracted me to the programme was the peer group I study with — all with very varied backgrounds and geographically diverse.

This diversity is the best way to experience parts of the world that you may otherwise not come into contact with. I need more business knowledge to enhance my career and AeU managed to deliver it very well. I could apply the theories I learnt to my work. Despite having 20 years of work experience, I somehow feel the limitation on seeing things in other points of views.

Embarking on my DBA is another eye opener to explore different dimensional views. Having a flexible programme especially for a director of operations like me is crucial with my super busy work schedules. If not, the chance of me not completing the programme is very high. I would say, the advisory and counseling services provided by the university through its programme consultant-coordinator were valuable and helped to motivate and inspired me to complete my study according to my targeted time. My journey at AeU was fruitful and worth my investment.

Throughout the programme, I learnt a great deal on the management theories which were applicable in my workplace. But what made all the difference to me is the encouragement of critical and analytical thinking. I thank AeU for fulfilling my education dream. The theories learnt are very relevant and applicable to my work. Learning became more interesting with constant interactions with my course mates and friendly academic facilitators via WhatsApp group, Another competitive advantage of AeU is the quality of its academic facilitators who are not only professionally qualified but had extensive industry experiences.

I could now create a new and more effective system that caters to the needs of the project assigned to me. A part of that, the flexibility offered minimised the disruption to my personal schedule.

Teaching strategies-Social Sciences

For me, I can still manage time for my family, career and studies at the same time. As for the programme, AeU offers a dynamic delivery, is inspirational and very exciting. I would say it is packed with full of cutting edge techniques and really challenging. I learnt so much here and I loved it! Science education was my chosen concentration subject. It had inspired and motivated me to teach science more creatively and efficiently in school. The programme was relevant, whereby I could easily implement the knowledge I gained in my current job.

Asia e University l A Multi-mode University

The experience gained in this programme had been invaluable and of great professional satisfaction. After I graduated, I opened a Cambridge English Centre with a friend and the business is doing great. Thanks to AeU, the knowledge I gained from the Master of Education degree enabled me to venture into other areas.

My life had changed tremendously for the better and now I am doing what I love best. All seminars provided were interesting and it helped me to develop a deeper understanding on my studies and at the same time enabled me to network with professors, academic facilitators and other course mates.

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My struggles were worth it when I earned a valuable Master of Education. My learning experience at AeU had broadened my perspective in teaching Bahasa Malaysia and also provided me with new insights on how children learn. My experience at AeU had broadened my perspective of teaching English as a second language and provided insights into how children learn.

It was the support accorded to me by various academic facilitators and staff at AeU that had inspired me to push forward. My hard work paid off and I intend to pursue a postgraduate qualification in the near future. I enjoyed my learning experience because the knowledge gained was relevant and applicable to my occupation. With my encouragement, my 21year-old daughter is also pursuing her Bachelor of Education with AeU.

Social Education

Who we are? What we believe. Our story. Why study with us? What we do differently. What makes us special. What to expect from us?

Quality flexible learning. Designed around you. Learning at AeU has no boundaries and our options are not limited by geography. Every programme we offer can be studied from anywhere in the world - you can study on your own, at your own pace and place, with or without attending classes. With nearly 30, students and 20, alumni, we offer a powerful network of like-minded individuals right across the globe and a learning experience that's both personalised and flexible.

Find Your Degree. Discover AeU's range of programmes and find one that suits your interest. You will have the full support of the School throughout your journey with us. School of Management. School of Graduate Studies. School of Foundation Studies. Many of our students continue to work full-time. However, we help them balance learning with demanding careers, family commitments and hectic travel schedules.

We give them the flexibility to study what, when and how they want, so they can fit their studies around their lifestyle. Hear their stories to find out how they do it. Ho Ken Fatt. Mafio Mlambo. Punithavathy Kupasamy. Around The University. Stay up-to-date by following your favourite AeU social media account whenever and wherever you are. Dato' Dr. We are very proud and excited to announce that AeU has moved to a new campus!

Ready to Start Your Own Journey? Virgin Islands U. Where did you hear about us? Please type the verification code below:. With regard to political democratization, India has long been the largest stable nonWestern democracy in the world, while Japan provides a model ofa non-Western country whose democracy was largely imposed on it by the West.

China, the world's last major communist country, is moving toward an uncertain future. Both China and India, as the most populous countries in the world, are major objects ofstudy in demography. The editor and authors ofthis volume have had to meet some challenges in its compilation: 1 which countries and disciplines should be selected; 2 how to match the countries that have been selected with the appropriate disciplines in the social sciences, and 3 how to relate the experience ofthese countries in a certain field—for example, political systems—to the various theories in the social sciences.

The ten countries selected are nominally the most populous and the most powerful in Asia. But some ofthose that have been left out may be just Access options available:. Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide. Forged from a partnership between a university press and a library, Project MUSE is a trusted part of the academic and scholarly community it serves. Built on the Johns Hopkins University Campus. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

Without cookies your experience may not be seamless. Students will practice applying Bayesian reasoning to assess the strength and quality of inferences in published studies, drawing on exemplars of qualitative research from various fields of socio-political analysis including development studies, comparative politics, international relations, and policy analysis.

Students will also apply Bayesian principles to various aspects of their own dissertation research in progress—e. Upon completing the course, students will be equipped with a concrete set of Bayesian-inspired best practices to deploy in their own research, as well as widely-applicable analytic skills that will help them to better evaluate and critique socio-political analysis.

This course has no prerequisites.

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Students do not need any previous exposure to either Bayesian analysis or qualitative methods literature. Students will attend DV lectures and seminars in LT. Students will receive written and oral formative assessment on in-class exercises, which will ask them to explain key Bayesian concepts e.