50 Things You Didnt Know About the 1916 Easter Rising

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Stephen Snelling.

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What did the Easter Rising hope to achieve?

Nothing in it contradicts what I wrote. Take the chip off your shoulder, and learn how to research the actual historical facts instead of cherry-picking Irish nationalist websites featuring Tom Clarke commemorative medals to support your fantasy. And spare us both another reply. The dogs were misinformed. Clarke supported Sinn Fein but didn't join because it wasn't radical enough for him. MacDermott was a national organizer for the party.

I thought you were a serious interlocutor, but I see you are primarily interested in being offensive. Find someone else to offend. I think the dogs on the street in knew the Rising wasn't organised by Sinn Fein. Perhaps the news hasn't made it across the water to you yet. You can't comment on without including the cause of the Rising i. If you are talking about mandates perhaps you should state where Britain got its mandate to be in Ireland in the first place?

Yes, there were once pro-Treaty Sinn Fein members, which is why I specified "anti-Treaty faction" in my previous reply. I'm not British and have no ax to grind in this matter. People and organizations, including governments, rarely have perfect information about complex issues that they must decide and act on.

Historians, however, have the benefit of hindsight based on much more documentation. Well, if you took that half an hour to actually learn about Irish history you would know that there were pro-Treaty Sinn Fein members and anti-Treaty Sinn Fein members. However, in Britain you appear to use the term Sinn Fein for any Irish political movement that you disagree with. If the British government gets things so wrong then what hope it there for you?

It's at the heart of what we have been discussing. The immorality of British behaviour in Ireland and elsewhere. You seem to be under the impression that I am a Brit. I am an American. We don't owe you a thing. Go find a slave trader from the 18th Century or a Conquistador from the 16th Century and get them to apologize. You've missed the point. The groper in your house represents the British presence in Ireland. Would you accept a violent, stranger in your house? Why the Easter Rising still matters. See blog. Readers' comments Reader comments are listed below.

Sort: Newest first Oldest first Readers' most recommended. The British were only ever in favour of democracy as long as it suited their interests. So much bloodshed could have been avoided if the British just accepted the will of the people. The legacy of Britain in Ireland is bloodshed, pillage and bigotry.

You're wrong. What I deny is any relevance of any these questions to this discussion.